The Journey from Concept to Consumer

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In the fashion industry, there is a sense of urgency to create a seamless consumer experience. Yet behind the scenes, wholesaling and retailing technologies are often anything but connected and synchronised. Data is frequently scattered across multiple systems. With the prospect of steady growth, the incentive to conquer this challenge is powerful, and fashion businesses of all sizes and business models are vying for their share of the prize. Euromonitor International projects two percent growth in global fashion retail sales to 2022, driven primarily by Asia-Pacific region expansion.

To help on the road to concept-to-consumer seamlessness, this white paper takes a step-by-step look at seven key business processes and how end-to-end ERP technology can alleviate pain points and deliver business benefits. For every function and scenario described, the technology exists today to take this concept-to-consumer journey in the fashion industry.

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