PLM Embedded in ERP

A Fluid Path from Concept to Consumer - White Paper

These are both exciting and challenging times for the fashion industry. Speed to market continues to be a prime competitive advantage, and the usual pressures to deliver a compelling price and solid quality remain intense. Amid it all, the complexities of doing business are taking on new dimensions.

While speed is essential to bring relevant collections, cost and quality remain significant in deciding upon selecting sources and materials. Added to these complexities are trade boundaries and consumer awareness related to social conduct, environmental behavior, and ecological footprint. Fashion brands in the lower, mid and upper markets all experience the same challenges.

When fashion businesses use the same solution for product lifecycle management (PLM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP), they bring many critical processes into a common technology platform. 

This white paper explores the benefits that can be enjoyed by businesses within the fashion industry who employ a combined solution.

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