Dynamics 365 Business Central - Adjust Bin Quantities

In this video, we will show you how to adjust bin quantities using the ‘Warehouse Item Journal’ within Dynamics 365 Business Central.



Learn how to adjust bin quantities 

This video assumes you have a fully managed warehouse, where ‘directed put-away and pick’ is ticked on the location card.

You would use the Warehouse Item Journal, outside the context of the physical inventory, to post all positive and negative adjustments in item quantity that you know are real gains, such as items previously posted as missing that show up unexpectedly, or real losses, such as breakage.

Adjustments differs from a physical inventory as rather than counting the bin contents you would use adjustments to add or remove a set number from the bin contents.

To do this navigate to the search icon, enter ‘Warehouse Item Journal’ and choose the related link. Enter the item number for the item you wish to adjust. Enter the bin code and the zone code will complete automatically. Lastly enter the quantity to adjust. If you are reducing the amount then add a minus symbol before the number.

Once you have added the item or items you wish to adjust, select Process and Register.

This action will adjust the inventory quantity within the bins however to complete the count and update the inventory levels within your system, use the search bar to navigate to ‘Item Journals’. Select ‘Actions’, ‘Functions’ and then ‘Calculate Warehouse Adjustments’. In the window that opens, select any filters you may wish to add and then click ‘Ok’.

Finally, go to 'Post/Print' in the ribbon, select 'Post' or 'Post and Print' and you're done!


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