Dynamics 365 Business Central - Setting up Cash Flow Analysis

Learn how to set up cash flow analysis in Dynamics 365 Business Central with our video.


Learn how to set up cash flow analysis

If you want some help to decide what to do with your cash, have a look at the charts on the accountant role centre. The charts are Cash Cycle, Income & Expense, Cash Flow and Cash Flow Forecasts. We will discuss here where the data in the charts comes from and, if necessary, what to do to start using the charts.

The Cash Cycle and Income & Expense charts are ready to go, based on the Chart of Accounts and account schedules. The accounts are where the data comes from, and account schedules calculate the relationship between sales and receivables. Some accounts and account schedules are provided. You can use them as they are, change them and add new ones. If you add G/L accounts to your chart of accounts, you’ll need to map to the accounts on the account schedules page.

Enter accounts in the Totaling field for the Total Revenue, Total Receivables, Total Payables and Total Inventory. To map a range of accounts, or more than one specific account, enter the account numbers separated by “..” or by a vertical bar respectively. Then verify your mapping by choosing the 'Overview' action.

The Cash Flow chart is based on a chart of cash flow accounts and one or more cash flow setups. These setups specify the accounts to use for general ledger, purchases, sales, services and fixed assets. To help get you going, some accounts and cash flow setups are provided. You can add, change or remove them. To set these up, search for Cash Flow Accounts, choose the link and then fill in the fields.