Dynamics 365 Business Central - Cross-dock Items

In this video, we will show you how to cross-dock items in Dynamics 365 Business Central. Cross-docking functionality is available to you if you have set up your location to require warehouse receive and put-away processing.


Learn how to cross-dock items

When you cross-dock items, you process items in receiving and shipping without ever placing them in storage, thereby expediting the item through the put-away and pick processes and limiting the physical handling of items.

To do this, navigate to the search icon, enter ‘Warehouse Receipts’ and then choose the related link.

Open the related warehouse receipt for the item that has arrived, fill in the ‘Quantity to Receive’ field or select ‘Process’ and the ‘Autofill Quantity to Receive’ action from the ribbon.

Next choose ‘Process’ and the ‘Calculate Cross-Dock’ action. This will find the related outbound source documents and calculate the items that are scheduled to leave the warehouse within the date formula specified on the location setup.

The value in the ‘Quantity to Cross Dock’ field is the sum of all the outbound lines requesting the item within the look-ahead period minus the quantity of the items that have already been placed in the cross-dock area.

Or it is the value of the ‘Quantity to Receive’ field on the receipt line, whichever is smaller. You cannot cross-dock more than you have received.

To post the receipt, choose ‘Posting’ and the ‘Post Receipt’ action.

The amounts to be cross-docked will now appear as lines in the put-away instruction and will be assigned to the default cross-dock bin defined on the location card.

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