Dynamics 365 Business Central - Update Currency Exchange Rates

Learn how to update currency exchange rates in Dynamics 365 Business Central with this short video.


You must set up a code for each currency you use if you buy or sell in currencies other than your local currency, have receivables or payables in other currencies, or record G/L transactions in different currencies.

You can use an external service to keep your currency exchange rates up to date.

To set up a currency exchange rate service, choose the Search icon, enter 'Currency Exchange Rate Services', and then choose the related link. Choose the 'New' action. In the Currency Exchange Rate Service window, fill in the fields as necessary. Choose the Enabled check box to enable the service.

To update currency exchange rates through a service, choose the Search for Page or Report icon, enter 'Currencies', and then choose the related link. Choose the 'Update Exchange Rates' action. The value in the Exchange Rate field in the Currencies window is updated with the latest currency exchange rate.