Dynamics 365 Business Central - Entering Criteria in Filters

See how to enter criteria in filters in Dynamics 365 Business Central with our handy video.


Learn how to enter criteria in filters

When you want to search for data, such as customer names, addresses or product groups, you enter criteria. In search criteria you can use all the numbers and letters that you normally use in the specific field. In addition, you can use special symbols to further filter the results.

You can add quick filters to all pages by using a Quick Filter. The Quick Filter is enabled by choosing the magnifying glass icon at the top of the page. This filtering type is used for a fast entry of criteria. The Quick Filter provides easy access to filter data by entering plain text but does also provide a lot of search criteria options. Depending on whether you enter plain text or text including symbols, the Quick Filter behaves differently.

If you enter plain text, this is interpreted as a case insensitive search that contains certain text. If you enter text including symbols in the search criteria, the search is interpreted exactly as you entered it, including being case sensitive.

If you were to enclose the text in single quotation marks, you will search for this exact text with case sensitivity. Using an asterisk at the end of a word returns all records that begin with that word. Similarly, using an asterisk at the start of a word returns all records that end with that word.

Select the arrow next to a column name to filter in more depth using dropdown menus. For example, filtering on open sales orders can be done by filtering on the ‘Status’ column and selecting ‘Open’ from the dropdown list.