Dynamics 365 Business Central - Creating Number Series

Watch our handy video guide to learn how to create number series in Dynamics 365 Business Central.


Learn how to create number series

When setting up a company, your system requires unique identification codes to documents such as purchase invoice series numbers, contacts and more. Numbering isn’t just for identification; this system can also make your company more manageable and easier to analyse.

To create a number series for items in your system, choose the Search icon and type in Number Series. You can set up a complete numbering system with an unlimited number of number series. These can be used for all types of documents and journals, as well as for master data such as customers, items and jobs. In this example, we will create a number series for items.

By clicking 'New' in this window, you can now fill in a line for your new number series. Add a code and then click on 'Lines' from the ribbon. In the 'No. Series Lines' window that opens, select a starting date, starting number and an ending number. You are also able to amend the increments in which the number series count. Clicking out of this window, you can also add a description. You can then select the checkboxes if necessary, determining whether the number series uses default numbering or whether the numbers can be manually altered.

After creating the No. Series, you can then assign it to be used. To do this, choose the Search icon and enter Inventory Setup. You will use a different setup window to assign your number series, depending on what type of numbering you have created. In this example, we will use the Inventory Setup, where we have the options to set the numbering series for Item Nos. and Non-stock Item Nos. Click out of this window and your changes will automatically be saved, instantly applying to the data you create.