Dynamics 365 Business Central - Process Warehouse Pick and Ship

In this video, we will show you how to perform a pick and then ship the stock out of your warehouse in Dynamics 365 Business Central.


Learn how to pick and then ship stock from your warehouse

This video assumes you have a fully managed warehouse, where ‘directed put-away and pick’ is ticked on the location card.

To do this, use the search bar to navigate to the ‘warehouse picks’ and select the relevant pick document you wish to process. You may wish to print the pick instruction using the ‘Print’ action in the ribbon.

Record the quantity moved in the ‘Quantity to Handle’ column in the Lines fast tab. Selecting the ‘Autofill Quantity to Handle’ button on the ‘Actions’ tab will fill the Quantity to Handle to the expected quantity. You can amend these values as required.

The values in the ‘Take’ and ‘Place’ lines for any given value must balance.

You can then register the pick document by choosing the ‘Register Pick’ button in the ribbon.

Having registered the pick or picks, you can now post any related warehouse shipments in order to tell the system that stock has been shipped.

To do this, navigate to the Warehouse Shipments list. You can filter this list to documents that have been fully or partially picked by setting a filter on the document status.

Open the documents and select the ‘Post’ or ‘Post and Print’ option to post the shipment. Both of these actions will open a dialogue box asking you to select ‘Ship’ or ‘Ship and Invoice’. Select the option that’s relevant to your business process.

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