Dynamics 365 Business Central - Schedule a Report to Run

Learn how to Schedule a Report to Run in Dynamics 365 Business Central with our how-to video!


Learn how to schedule a report to run

When working with reports in Dynamics 365 Business Central, you are able to schedule your reports to run at a time designated by the user. These reports are then entered into the job queue and processed at the scheduled time, similar to other jobs. You can choose to save the processed report to a file, such as an Excel, Word, or PDF, print it to a selected printer, or process the report only. If you choose to save the report to a file, then the processed report is sent to the Report Inbox area on your Home page, where you can view it.

You can schedule a report when you open a report. You choose the 'Schedule' action and then you enter information such as printer, and time and date. The report is then added to the job queue and will be run at the specified time. When the report is processed, the item will be removed from the job queue. If you saved the processed report to a file, it will be available in the Report Inbox area.