Dynamics NAV - Account Schedule Overview

Get an overview of account schedules in Dynamics NAV and view the data in different ways using our video!


Dynamics NAV will allow you to view the data for required reports about a number of accounts. To run the account schedule report, go to the search bar and enter ‘Account Schedules’ and make sure you select the first link. A new page will open with a list of your account schedules. To view a schedule, simply select the schedule and click ‘Overview’ on the ribbon. This new page shows you the overview of the account you selected. You can change how you view the data by changing the ‘View By’ drop down. You can view the data by day, week, month, quarter, and year. As you change through the views, Dynamics NAV will adjust the data accordingly.

You can also filter by column layout names which will allow you to view the list by Actual/Budget Comparison, Balance/Budget, Balance/Last Year, Budget Analysis, Cash Flow Comparison, Standard Column Layout, Key Cash Flow Ratio, Net Change, Net Change/Budget, Net Change/Last Year and Period Definition for Mini Charts. If you change the column layout name to Key Cash Flow Ratio, this will allow you to view the key figure for each account. You can also change the schedule you are viewing without having to go to close the page. Simply click the Account Schedule dropdown and select the schedule you want to view. All of the data can be exported if needed, click on the 'Actions' tab on the ribbon and select ‘Export to Excel’ and the data you had in Dynamics NAV will be displayed in an Excel spreadsheet.