Dynamics NAV - Create an Assembly Item

Learn how to create an assembly item within Dynamics NAV with this short video.


Learn how to create an assembly item

Creating an assembly item is an important part of standard Dynamics NAV for any company that assembles its products. You need to create an assembly item, create its assembly BOM and then sell it, as well as adding charges in a Sales Order. Go to the ‘Item’ list and click ‘New’ in the ribbon. It is important to fill out the details on the item card. In the ‘Inventory’ FastTab, fill out the Item Category Code. In the ‘Price & Posting’ FastTab, enter the posting group details, including the General Product Posting group, the VAT Product Posting group and the Inventory Posting group.

The ‘Replenishment’ FastTab is where you set the item to be assembled. For an item that needs to be assembled, you would set the replenishment system option to ‘Assembly’ and then go to the ‘Navigate’ tab and ‘Create an Assembly BOM’. An ‘Assembly BOM’, or Bill-Of-Materials, is a list of items that are needed to create the item. Enter the items needed for assembly and how many of them you require. After adding all of the items to the assembly BOM, you can use Dynamics NAV to calculate the cost of producing the product and a price you should sell the product at. You should also change the assembly policy if needed: ‘Assemble to Order’ means the product is only assembled when the stock is ordered, whereas ‘Assemble to Stock’ is making sure we always have a certain number assembled in stock.

Now that there is an item in stock, you can now sell it to a customer. To do this, create a Sales Order, fill out the customer details and add the item to the order lines. Once the item has been added, you can add or make changes to the ‘Assemble to Order’ lines where you can add items and resources to the bill of materials and they can then be charged for the amount of time they have been used. Once you have finished filling out the Sales Order you can post it.