Dynamics NAV - Cash Flow Forecast

See how you can use cash flow forecasting in Dynamics NAV with our video.


Learn how to use cash flow forecasting

In Dynamics NAV you can use cash flows to forecast when your business will receive and make payments, allowing you to make sure you have the correct funds available. To find the forecasts, search for ‘Cash Flow Forecasts’ and select the first option. This will open a page displaying all of the cash flows for your company. These can be edited so that we can change what is included. Open a cash flow forecast. From the cash flow forecast card select ‘Cash Flow Worksheet’ from the ribbon.

To add cash flows to this worksheet, select ‘Suggest Worksheet Lines’ from the ribbon. From here you will need to select the cash flow forecast you are adding to from the ‘Cash Flow Forecast' field. You could select Liquid Funds, Receivables, Sales Orders, Payables, Purchase Orders as an example but you can select any other that you wish to appear in your forecast. Click ‘OK’ and you will see the worksheet has had the lines added according to what you have adjusted. Dynamics NAV will allow for logical forecasting this means you can adjust payables and receivables to the figures you are actually expecting.

Once you are happy with the worksheet select 'Register' from the ribbon and click ‘Yes’. Select ‘Show in Chart on Role Centre’ from the card and return to the role centre. This chart can be filtered and changed so that it shows the data in over different periods of time and positive and negative movements. If you hold your mouse pointer over different parts of the chart, important information relating to that point on the graph will be displayed allowing you to read the data better.