Dynamics NAV - Customer Card Overview

Watch our video overview of the customer card in Dynamics NAV.


Learn about the customer card

To view a customer’s card in Dynamics NAV, go to the search box at the top, type in ‘Customers’ and then select the customer you want to view. Inside the customer card, you have all available information about that specific customer in the one window. This window is organised into sections called FastTabs, which can be expanded and collapsed as necessary. In the ‘General’ FastTab you have business name, address, the main contact, their credit limit and their balance, as well as the last date this card was modified. Within the ‘Address & Contact’ FastTab, you have the contact details such as phone number, email and website. From here you can also assign payment terms to the customer. You could make it so that payment is due within one month and to receive a discount of two percent if their payment is within eight days.

You have all contextual information and functions available about the customer organised into tabs, groups and actions here you can create Sales Invoices, Sales Orders and reminders as well as produce reports such as customer balance to date and view them in either PDF format, Microsoft Word or Excel. You also have the Statistics page, which displays the customer’s sales and services as well as a table overview of sales and profits including this period and year to date. On the right-hand side, you have FactBoxes which tell you information about the customer such as: the sales history including Sales Orders, Posted Shipments and Sales Invoices well as the customer’s statistics. There's also a document management section where you can attach the customer documents and web pages, as well as a FactBox where you can create additional notes about your customer.