Dynamics NAV - Customer Discount Overview

Watch our video for an overview of customer discounts in Dynamics NAV.


Learn about customer discounts

Dynamics NAV allows you to accommodate for product discounts for your customers through various methods, so you can be sure that your customers are receiving the best possible price. For example, early settlement discounts are only granted to a customer if that customer pays the total invoice amount in specific time period. First, navigate to the customer card and scroll down until you reach the ‘Payments’ FastTab. Press the drop-down menu beside ‘Payment Terms Code’ and you can see a list of the available payment terms for a customer. You can then click on ‘New’ and create an early settlement discount that meets your requirements. Invoice discounts are granted if the invoice is larger than a minimum amount. You can find invoice discounts in the ribbon under the ‘Navigate’ tab in the ‘Prices and Discounts’ section. You can set up invoice discounts specifying a minimum invoice amount, optionally a currency code, discount percentage, plus if needs be a service charge amount.

Line discounts can apply to one customer, a customer group, all customers or even a campaign. Line discounts can be applied to a single item or multiple items grouped by common characteristics or your preferences. To view the Sales Line Discounts, select the Lines Discounts button in the ribbon. You could make a discount for a customer discount group which allows you to apply discounts to multiple customers. You can also set discounts up if it applies to a specific item or a whole item discount group. Then you have the option to apply a required unit of measure, minimum quantity, online discount percentage or a time period.