Dynamics NAV - Apply a Customer Payment

In this video, we'll show you how to apply a customer payment in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.


Learn how to apply a customer payment

To apply a customer payment in Dynamics NAV, you can either click on ‘Finance’ in the menu, then ‘Cash Receipt Journals’ and select ‘General Journal’ or type ‘Cash Receipt Journals’ into the search bar. The Posting Date, Document Type and Document No. will generate automatically but you may need to alter these to match your requirements. Select the account type you wish to use and select the relevant account with a balance. Choose ‘Apply Entries’ in the Ribbon and you will then see overdue payments which are highlighted in red.

Select the invoice that you are receiving payment for, then click ‘Set Applies-to ID’ in the ribbon. The document number will be assigned to the invoice so you can click ‘OK’. The amount of the invoice will be transferred to the journal line. Then you can select the balancing account type. Select ‘Post’ from the Menu and then click ‘Yes’. You will then receive confirmation that you have applied the payment.