Dynamics NAV - Process the Receipt of Goods

Learn how easy processing the receipt of goods can be in Dynamics NAV with this quick guide.


Learn how to process the receipt of goods

To process the receipt of goods purchased from a vendor, you must first check the inventory levels for the stock you are purchasing. Navigate to the items list and enter the filter to find your product. Looking at the item and following the line across, you will be able to see the inventory of the item. Now to buy some stock, navigate to your Purchase Orders list, then select ‘New’ from the ribbon. Enter your vendor number, vendor invoice number and enter the items you wish to purchase. Enter your location code and the amount you wish to buy. Release and post the purchase order. Now return to your items and add the filter on your item again. You can see that the item will have increased in stock by the amount you ordered. And that is the receipt of goods.