Dynamics NAV - Inventory Adjustment Overview

Here, we'll show you an overview of how you can adjust your inventory in Dynamics NAV.


Learn how to adjust your inventory

Inventory adjustments are a very important part of Dynamics NAV as you have to be able to allow for occasional business occurrences such as goods being damaged, transfers of stock or returns of products. In Dynamics NAV all of the inventory adjustments are made in journals and for items go to the item journal. The item journal gives you the ability to manually enter purchases, sales, positive adjustments and negative adjustments. To make a negative adjustment for the Paris Guest Chair item, firstly make sure to select the warehouse in which the adjustment is being made and enter the quantity of the item. Notice how Dynamics NAV has automatically populated the amount for a unit and the total amount of all the items. Once the line has been filled out simply click 'Post' and your adjustment will be processed. Next we will do a positive adjustment and don’t worry it’s exactly the same as a negative adjustment! To check your adjustments, open up the Item Card and select the ‘Ledger Entries’ button from the ribbon. Here you can see all of the ledger entries relating to this item and, as you can see here, our adjustments have been processed.