Dynamics NAV - Item Availability

Watch this video to learn all about item availability in Dynamics NAV.


Learn all about item availability

Knowing the availability of your stock is important and Dynamics NAV allows you to check your items availability in the here and now. To check your item availability, go to the item list, highlight an item and click on ‘Item Availability By’ under the ‘Navigate’ tab in the ribbon. Then select the 'Navigate' tab on the ribbon and select 'Item availability By'. This opens up all of the options available to you. You can check the item availability by Event, Period, Variant, Location, BOM Level and timeline. In 'Event' you can see all the events that have taken place related to that item, for example production and Sales Orders. In 'Period' you can see all of the requirements, receipt and balance of the item. However, you can specify the period you want to display by setting day, week, month, quarter and year.

The variant section applies to any variants of the original item, these items are essentially the same but differ from the standard item in one way or another. 'Location' allows you see the availability of the item in any of your set up warehouse locations. With 'BOM Level' the item needs to have an assembly or production BOM to be use this view properly. This will show you the availability of the components and sub-assemblies of the item and will show you how many of the item can be produced. The 'Timeline' view allows you to see the overall availability of the item over a period of time in a graph. This will allow you to analyse when sales increase and when they fall allowing you to plan stock for the future.