Dynamics NAV - Create an Item Template

In this video, we'll show you how to create an item template in Dynamics NAV.


Learn how to create an item template

Learning to create item templates will save you from having to repeat typing the same information over and over again and it only takes a little setup. To create an item template, first go to your item list. When you select ‘New’ from the ribbon to create a new item, you will immediately be asked to choose a pre-existing template. To make your own template, choose ‘New’ from the ‘Actions’ tab.

In previous versions of Dynamics NAV, you would have needed to configure the template list, header and the relevant fields. The process is now much easier, and the template is already specifically configured for items only. Fill out the ‘Template Name’ field under the ‘General’ FastTab and the ‘Base Unit of Measure’ field under the ‘Item Setup’ FastTab. The ‘Price’ tab includes the item discount group, profit percentage and price/profit calculation. Further down, you will see the ‘Cost’ FastTab, including costing method, the ‘Financial Details’ tab, revealing various posting groups and the tax group code, and the ‘Categorisation’ tab, in which you’ll find the item category code and warehouse class code. Once set, click ‘OK’. If you then double-click on the template you just created, the relevant fields will automatically be applied to the new empty item card, ready for you to proceed with creating that item.