Dynamics NAV - Journals Overview

Get an in-depth overview of journals in Dynamics NAV with our great video guide.


Learn about Dynamics NAV journals

To view journals in Dynamics NAV, click ‘Finance’ and then select ‘Sales Journals’ from the menu. There are five types of journal: ‘Sales Journals’ post Sales Invoices, a ‘Purchase Journal’ posts Purchase Invoices, a ‘Cash Receipt Journal’ is used to register and receive payments from customers, a ‘Payment Journal’ is used to register and post payments to vendors and a ‘General Journal’ specifies how you would want to post transactions to the General Ledger, bank, customer, vendor and fixed asset account.

To add a new entry to a journal, double-click on the journal to open it up and simply click a new line and the ‘Posting Date’ and ‘Document No.’ should automatically be generated. The ‘Account Type’ can be G/L Account, Customer, Vendor, Bank Account, Fixed Asset or Intercompany Partner. You can search for an account number by selecting the drop-down menu. Enter the amount of the purchase and then balance the accounts by either manually entering a new line or setting up a balancing account.

When the accounts are balanced, click ‘Actions’ and ‘Test Report’ from the ribbon and preview the report. Warnings will appear if there is something wrong, like unbalanced accounts. Once this is done and you would like to confirm the entries, select ‘Post’ from the ribbon and post the journal lines. To check the posted journal, close the General Journal and go to ‘Chart of Accounts’ and select ‘Ledger Entries’ in the Navigation ribbon to see which entries have been posted. Filter the list for the Account Number you selected and now filter for the Posting Date and you will find your entry.