Dynamics NAV - General Ledger Account Card Overview

See an overview of the general ledger account card in Dynamics NAV with our video.


Learn about the general ledger account card

General Ledger Accounts each have their own General Ledger Account Cards, which detail and determine important information such as the account type, posting information, consolidation, reporting and more.

Click ‘Finance’ in the menu to open the Chart of Accounts. Here, you can filter on account number and double-click on any card to view it in more detail. This is where you configure general ledger entries for this account. The 'General' FastTab defines how general entries are handled in the general ledger accounts by using fields like Income/Balance, account type and direct posting. To review the transactions that make up the net change or balance values, click on the balance and the ledger entries will be displayed with the details of this account. This list shows you all of the transactions that have taken places for raw materials. Close the list to return to the account card.

The 'Posting' FastTab contains the fields that determine how the general ledger and VAT transactions are recorded. The 'Consolidation' FastTab specifies the account numbers in a consolidated company in which you would transfer credit/debit balances. Returning to the Chart of Accounts, you can export the general ledger entry list by selecting the application menu, ‘Print’ and then ‘Send to Microsoft Excel’. Excel will then have a copy of your current chart of accounts which can be customised for reporting if needed.