Dynamics NAV - Create a New Customer

In this video, we'll show you how to create a new customer in Dynamics NAV.


Learn how to create a new customer

To create a new customer in Dynamics NAV, type ‘Customers’ into the search bar, click the first result and select ‘New’ from the ribbon. You will then be given the option to choose a template, if you have created any. Select the relevant template and the blank customer card will open. The customer number will have automatically generated and now you can enter the relevant details into the ‘General’ FastTab, including the customer’s name, and then their address, phone number, email and more into the ‘Address and Contact’ FastTab below.

Invoicing has been filled out from the customer template, however if you need to change any of the given fields, you are free to do so. In ‘Payments’, you have the customer’s payment terms which can be chosen from the list. In ‘Shipping’, you can also set the location code and the shipping agent. If the customer is foreign, you can enter the customer’s language and a local currency used. After entering any additional information you may have on the customer, simply exit the customer card and you will see the new customer in the customer list.