Dynamics NAV - Create a New Item

In this video, we go right back to basics and show you how to create a new item in Dynamics NAV.


Learn how to create a new item

To create the new item, go to the item list and select ‘New’ on the ribbon. This opens an item card, which contains FastTabs for you to enter information into and also space for you to add a photograph of the item. Enter a description and you will see that Dynamics NAV automatically generates a number value. This can be changed by you if you wish. Make sure you select a base unit of measure for your item. To help with default costing methods, default posting groups, inventory posting groups and VAT posting groups, users can now select an item category code and a product group code. You can also choose to set whether the item has a stock-out warning and whether the item is allowed to have negative inventory. In the ‘Invoicing’ FastTab, you can assign various important properties for that item when it comes to invoicing your item. You can use an item template to set some fields for you. This will populate the General Product Posting Group, VAT Product Posting Group and the Inventory Posting Group further down in the ‘Price and Posting’ FastTab.

You can also set the Unit Cost, Overhead Rate, Indirect Cost % and Last Purchase Cost. The ‘Replenishment’ FastTab will allow to specify how the stock levels for that item are replenished. You can choose from purchase, production and assembly. You can also assign a lead time calculation here and if the item is always bought from a specific vendor you can specify that vendor, as well as the vendor’s item number. The ‘Planning’ FastTab allows you to set a reorder planning policy, which allows you to set a safety lead time, the reorder point and the maximum inventory for that item. You can also apply item tracking by either lot tracking or serial tracking. In the ‘Warehouse’ tab, you can set the details for advanced warehouse management such as special equipment codes and put away codes. Click ‘OK’ and your item has been created, now all you need to do is get some stock and sell!