Dynamics NAV - Create a New Vendor

Create a new vendor in Dynamics NAV in seconds with our quick video guide


Learn how to create a new vendor

To create a vendor, navigate to the ‘Vendor’ list and select ‘New’ from the ribbon. You will be given the option to select a template before the vendor card opens. If you do select a template, certain fields will fill in automatically, such as the ‘General Business Posting Group’, the ‘VAT Business Posting Group’, the ‘Language Code’ etc. When you click ‘OK’, a vendor number will be automatically be created for you with its own unique code. Now you can continue to enter the data without having to worry about the financial side. Now enter the vendor details, such as the name, address and contact details such as phone number and email address. Then enter which locations goods from this vendor will be shipped to. And there you go, that's your new vendor complete. If you want to find the vendor you have created, you can either scroll down to find it or you can filter on a selected field.