Dynamics NAV - Make a Payment to a Vendor

Use Dynamics NAV to suggest payments to vendors with our handy video.


Learn how to suggest payments to vendors

To make a payment to a Vendor, click ‘Finance’ in the menu on the Role Centre and choose ‘Payment Journals’. Select the ‘General Journal’. You can find out which Vendors are expecting to receive payment by clicking ‘Suggest Vendor Payments’ under the ‘Home’ tab in the ribbon. A pop up will appear, giving you the option to apply filters if necessary. By clicking on the 'Options' tab, you are able to enter a Last Payment Date, the Starting Document No. and set the Balance Account Type to Bank Account. Once selected you can choose which account to use. You can enter a Vendor No. on the Vendor tab if you want to limit the number of vendors to be paid or Dynamics NAV will suggest every payment that needs to be paid. Click ‘OK’ and your filters will be applied. Check the Payment lines match what you were expecting and select ‘Post and Print’. To view your Payments, type ‘Vendors’ into the search bar and then select ‘Bank Accounts’, before choosing ‘Ledger Entries’ from the ribbon. You can filter on the posting date to see all payments that you have made today and you will see the payments we have posted. If you have applied a payment by accident, this can be reversed. Choose the incorrect Ledger Entries and click ‘Unapply’ from the ribbon.