Dynamics NAV - Create a Purchase Credit Memo

Creating a purchase credit memo in Dynamics NAV is as simple as watching this quick, easy video.


Learn how to create a purchase credit memo

To create a purchase credit memo, select ‘Buying and Stock’ then ‘Purchase Credit Memos’ from the menu. Click ‘New’ on the ribbon and enter the vendor the purchase credit memo is for and the credit memo number from the vendor. To register the invoices, select ‘Copy Document’ from the ribbon. From this window you can select the invoice or invoices you are creating a credit memo for. Dynamics NAV automatically populates the lines fields with the credited items. You can adjust the quantity if needed. You can preview the entire document by clicking ‘Test Report’ from the action tab on the ribbon and clicking preview. Once happy with the purchase credit memo, press ‘Post’ from the ribbon to process the transaction. A pop up will appear to confirm and ask if you would like to view the newly published purchase credit memo. That is how you process purchase credit adjustment notes.