Dynamics NAV - Create a Purchase Quote

Watch this video to learn how quickly and easily you can create a purchase quote in Dynamics NAV.


Learn how to create a purchase quote

To create a Purchase Quote, select ‘Buying And Stock’ from the Role Centre and then choose ‘Purchase Quotes’. Select ‘New’ from the Ribbon and a new window will open, ready to receive the Vendor’s details. Select a Vendor from the drop-down list, press tab on your keyboard and Dynamics NAV will automatically populate many of the general fields for you, along with Invoicing and shipping details. Now enter the item or items you would like to create a quote for, making sure you enter the quantity. When you are done, you can view the completed quote by selecting ‘Print’ from the ribbon and then choosing ‘Preview’. You can now see the Vendor Details, Document Date, Quote Number, Item Descriptions and the Ship To Address.