Dynamics NAV - Convert a Purchase Quote to a Purchase Order

Watch our video to learn how easy it is to convert a purchase quote to a purchase order in Dynamics NAV!


To convert a Purchase Quote to a Purchase Order, select ‘Buying and Stock’, ‘Purchase Quotes’ and then select the quote you would like to convert. It is then as simple as selecting ‘Make Order’ from the ribbon. To find the Purchase Order that you have just created, select ‘Purchase Orders’ from the sidebar and the filter to find the exact Purchase Order that you have created. This can either be through the converted Purchase Order number or the name of the Company the order is relevant to.

To view the order, you can choose to release it, then select ‘Print’ from the ribbon. When you select ‘Preview’, you are able to view the order which will contain information such as the Vendor Details, Item Descriptions, Quantities, Total Amounts and the Ship-to Address. If you would like to make changes and you chose to release the order, you will have to select ‘Reopen’ from the ribbon.