Dynamics NAV - Reporting Overview

See an overview of the reporting functionality in Dynamics NAV here.


Learn about the reporting functionality

Reporting in Dynamics NAV will allow you as the user to have a greater understanding of your business with a few clicks of the mouse. Many different reports can be made using all of the data stored in the Dynamics NAV database and these can be used all through Dynamics NAV as well as charts and tables giving you a graphical representation of the data. In the Accounting Manager Role Centre, we can see the cash flow forecast table, which can be filtered by period length and have the data grouped differently. Select the ‘Report’ tab from the ribbon and you can see some of Dynamic NAV’s standard reports. Click on ‘Aged Account Receivables’ to look at a report. This report will show a list of customers with their balance due and aged overdue amounts as well as the currency specifications below which allows you to understand the true payables after currency conversion.

Dimensions are a huge part of reporting in Dynamics NAV. Dimensions have specific data added to an entry so that entries with similarities can be grouped and found easily for analysis. To demonstrate this, go to the Chart of Accounts and select ‘G/L Balance by Dimension’ from the ‘Navigate’ tab of the ribbon. Select a dimension to filter by from the ‘Show as Columns’ field, as an example you can use ‘Departments’, and then enter a ‘Date Filter’. Click ‘Show Matrix’ on the ribbon and this will show you the General Ledger filtered by department dimension showing the amounts allocated to each individual department so that ensuring that the department’s finances are recorded.