Dynamics NAV - Create a Sales Invoice

In this video we'll show you how to create a sales invoice in Dynamics NAV.


Learn how to create a sales invoice

In Dynamics NAV, users can easily convert Sales Orders into Sales Invoices. You are also able to produce an entirely new Sales Invoice if required. To create a new Sales Invoice, click on the ‘Sales Invoice’ button in the menu and then select ‘New’ from the ribbon. In the ‘Customer’ field, click the drop-down menu and select the relevant customer. If that customer has a credit limit, a pop up will appear to warn you of their current balance. Select ‘Yes’ to confirm that you wish to proceed and you will then see the fields automatically populating with information such as address lines, contact name, number and more.

To add products to the Sales Invoice, click into the ‘Type’ field in the ‘Lines’ FastTab, choose the drop-down menu and select ‘Item’. Now choose your item from the next field. Add the quantity, then check the total, due date and payment terms are correct from the relevant FastTabs. You can view the document as a whole by selecting ‘Test Report’ and then clicking ‘Preview’. To complete the Invoice, select ‘Post’ in the ribbon, then click ‘Yes’. You have just created a Sales Invoice! A pop up will appear and ask if you would like to open the newly created Sales Invoice. Click ‘Yes’ and you will see a new window appear with your Sales Invoice to view.