Dynamics NAV - Set up Sales Line and Invoice Discounts

Watch this video and see how to set up sales line and invoice discounts in Dynamics NAV.


Learn how to set up sales line and invoice discounts

A sales line discount is an amount discount that is added to a sales lines if a pre-determined combination of customer, item, quantity, unit of measure, or starting/ending date has been established. An invoice discount is a percentage discount that is taken from the total price if the lines on the sales document total and exceed the minimum amount specified.

To set up a sales line discount for a customer, choose the search icon, enter ‘Customer’, and then choose the related link. Open the customer card you want to assign the discount to and then choose ‘Line Discounts’. The ‘Sales Type’ field will autofill with ‘Customer’, and the sales code field will autofill with the customer number. Fill in the fields as required, making sure to complete lines for all combinations that you wish to be applied to the customer.

To set up an invoice discount for a customer, firstly choose which customers you would like to receive invoice discounts. Type in the invoice discount code on the customer cards and complete the terms for each code. In the search bar, type in ‘Customer’, and then choose the customer list result. Open the customer card you wish to create invoice discounts for. In the invoice discount code field, select a code for the relevant invoice discount terms to use to calculate invoice discounts for the customer.

Invoice discount codes that appear represent those that already exist on customer cards, so that you can easily assign invoice discount terms to customers by picking the name of another customer who has the same terms.

To continue setting up new the sales invoice discount terms, in the customer card window, choose the 'Invoice Discounts' action. In the 'Currency Code' field, enter the code for a currency that the invoice discount terms on the line applies to. In the ‘Minimum Amount’ field, enter the minimum amount that an invoice must have to be eligible for the discount. In the ‘Discount %’ field, enter the invoice discount as a percentage of the invoice amount. You can repeat this for each currency that the customer will receive a different invoice discount for. The invoice discount is now set up and assigned to the customer in question. When you select the customer code in the ‘Invoice Discount Code’ field on other customer cards, the same invoice discount is assigned to those customers.