Dynamics NAV - Set up Sales Prices for a Customer

Watch this video to see how you can set up sales prices for a customer in Dynamics NAV.


Learn how to set up sales prices for a customer

Agreements you have in place with customers have to be defined for them to be applied to various sales documents as soon as you create them. To define a sales price for a customer, navigate to the customer list using the search bar. Open the card of the customer you wish to set the sales price for and then choose ‘Prices’ from the ‘Navigate’ tab in the ribbon. You can then filter the results here, for example the ‘Sales Type’ and ‘Sales Code’ filters. It’s easy to change these filters with the drop-down menu.

The ‘Sales Type’ field will autofill with ‘Customer’ and the ‘Sales Code’ field will autofill with the customer number. Continue to complete the rest of the fields as required. Enter a start and end date for the sales price and then complete lines for every combination in which you wish a special sales price to apply.