Dynamics NAV - Create a Sales Quote

Learn how to create a sales quote in Dynamics NAV with our video.


Learn how to create a sales quote

To create a new Sales Quote in Dynamics NAV, click ‘Selling’ from the menu, ‘Sales Quotes’ and then ‘New’ from the ribbon. Type in the name of your customer or click the drop-down menu to view all of the customers and click on the customer you are creating the quote for. This will automatically fill in the customer details in the Sales Quote and generate a Sales Quote number. You can see that the order date and document date will also generate automatically with today’s date but you can change this if necessary. To add items, select ‘Item’ in the type field and then click the drop-down button on the number field to bring up the item list. Select the items you wish to order. Enter how many items you have been quoted for in the quantity field.

Dynamics NAV will automatically generate your totals with and without tax. If the customer has an outstanding balance, Dynamics NAV will warn you and ask if you would like to proceed with the quote. If you wish to amend the payment terms, you can. To view your Sales Quote, click on the ‘Print’ action, then ‘Preview’. Dynamics NAV will open a report for your Sales Quote. To send the Sales Quote as an email, click the ‘Send via Email’ button in the ribbon. This will open your Outlook with the quote already attached to the email. Enter your message and send the email.