Dynamics NAV - Create a Sales Return Order

In this video we'll show you how to create a sales return order in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.


Learn how to create a sales return order

Creating a Sales Return Order in Dynamics NAV will allow you to process returns from customers if they are ever unhappy with a product they have received. To create a Sales Return, click ‘Selling’, ‘Sales Return Orders’ from the menu and then ‘New’ from the ribbon. Enter the customer that you want to create the Sales Return for. Once the customer has been entered, click ‘Get Posted Document Lines to Reverse’. This will open a window for you to select the item or items that are being returned and then click ‘OK’. Now looking at the ‘Lines’ FastTab, you can see that Dynamics NAV has populated the fields with the correct information.

If you need to, you can adjust the quantity of the item being returned. You can also add a reason code so that you have a record of why the items were returned. Select the reason and which warehouse the items are being returned to. Once you are happy with the return, click ‘Post’. A pop up will appear asking if you would like to view the recently posted Sales Return. Click ‘Yes’ and a new window will open, displaying the Sales Return Order you have just created.