Dynamics NAV - Set up Salespeople

Learn how to set up salespeople in Dynamics NAV with this video.


Learn how to set up salespeople

Many companies want to follow an individual employee's performance as a basis for calculating the sales commission or bonus. A company may also want to assign a salesperson to each of their contacts. When you have set up a salesperson previously, you can select it in the salesperson code field on all relevant records, such as G/L account, customer, vendor, contacts, and campaign cards. Then, when you post or set up invoices, credit memos, journal lines, finance charge activities and so on, the salesperson code is carried to the resulting ledger entries.

In the top right corner, choose search icon, enter ‘Salespeople’, and then choose the related link. In the ‘Salespeople’ window, choose the ‘New’ action. Fill in the ‘Code’ field and then complete the other fields as necessary. Your new salesperson is complete and they can be assigned to customers right away.