Dynamics NAV - Trial Balance Overview

See an overview of the trial balance report in Dynamics NAV with our handy video.


Learn about the trial balance report

Dynamics NAV can provide a statement of all credit and debits for the net changes in your accounts and balances. This is shown using the ‘Trial Balance’ report. Trial balances are created for both the balance sheet and the income statements. To find the trial balance, simply search for ‘Trial Balance’ and choose the first option. A page will open from which you can configure the trial balance report by setting filters such as G/L account number, dates, department and project. Enter a date filter and then you can click ‘Preview’ to view the report. The trial balance report will open and you can scroll through the pages to view details about other accounts. Users also have the option of opening the reports in Microsoft Excel, PDF or Word formats. Once opened in your preferred format, you can see that the report is exactly the same but this allows you to save or print the report in the program you wish.