Dynamics NAV - Vendor Card Overview

Get an overview of the vendor card in Dynamics NAV with this video.


Learn about the vendor card

To find the vendor card, choose ‘Vendors’ in the navigation pane of the role centre. To edit a vendor, select one and choose ‘Edit’ in the ribbon. You can delete a vendor here by clicking ‘Delete’ but Dynamics NAV will not allow you to do this if there are any open ledger entries against the vendor. Taking a closer look at the vendor card, you will see that you are able to attach a file of your choice using one of The NAV | 365 People’s nAblements. In the ‘Vendor Statistics’ fact box, you can view such things as Balance, Outstanding Invoices and Outstanding Orders.

Clicking on ‘Balance’ displays all the ledger entries affecting the balance for said vendor. In the ‘Buy from Vendor History’ fact box, you can view things such as quotes, orders, invoices and posted receipts. If you select ‘Orders’, you can view all the orders associated with this vendor. In the ‘Links’ fact box, you can add or remove links relating to the vendor, such as their website for example. In the ‘Notes’ fact box, you are able to add notes relating to the vendor such as tasks or instructions, which you can even assign to certain people. These notes will then appear in the user’s role centre.

In the ‘General’ FastTab, there is general information about the vendor such as Company Name and Balance. In the ‘Address and Contact’ FastTab, there is contact information such as address, phone number, email address and fax number. In the ‘Invoicing’ FastTab, you can enter information such as Posting Groups and Currency Codes. The ‘Payment’ FastTab contains information about the vendor’s payment terms, like their payment method code and BACS account number. In the ‘Receiving’ FastTab, you can enter information such as the location items from the vendor will be shipped to and the method in which they are shipped. And that's been a complete overview of the vendor card.