Our Favourite Business Central Features

See the Dynamics 365 Business Central features we love to demonstrate

This Knowledge Session, presented by our Product Director Paul Cartwright, covers the latest developments to the Dynamics 365 Business Central product. Recorded in June 2022, this video covers updates to the Business Central client, the application itself (diving into various departments), Microsoft 365 and some technical changes under the hood.

Within the application changes, we cover the following departments and functional areas:

  • Finance, including blocking VAT and General Posting Setups and improved Account Schedules functionality
  • Bank, including Bank Deposits and improved Bank Account Statement Reports
  • Production and Forecasting, including Demand Forecasts Support for Variants and Fixed Quantity in Product BOMs
  • Jobs, including Different Sell-to and Bill-to Customers and Support for Inventory and Warehouse Picks
  • E-commerce, including Shopify Connector
  • General, including the ability to check documents and Journals while you work and Sales, Purchase and Job Price Lists

Microsoft are keen to hear your thoughts on the features you'd like to see in Business Central. We highly recommend using BC Ideas to submit your Business Central ideas straight to Microsoft. With a host of powerful new features being released every six months, your suggestion could make it into a future version of the product.



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