Workflow in Dynamics NAV 2016

Learn how to set up your Workflow

Our Knowledge Session on Workflow, a module which was introduced in Dynamics NAV 2016, will describe the functionality offered by the standard Dynamics NAV product. This means that there are no customisations needed to your NAV system, now that Workflow is built into the product.

We will show you how it is possible to set up your own Workflows for a variety of different effects, so that the manual effort is removed, and you are able to connect business processes or tasks that are performed by different users. This can also involve system tasks, like automated postings, which can be included as separate stages in the Workflow. The ‘user stage’ can come in at any point during the Workflow.

We’ll also cover how you can set up your own Workflow using templates if you’re just starting out or creating your own steps and responses from scratch. This also involves approval users and what happens when you choose a certain person to receive a Workflow email after a trigger occurs. After creating a Workflow, we will show you what happens when a Workflow is triggered, such as how they look and feel for a user.

As well as the standard Microsoft functionality, we will also briefly touch upon our nHanced Workflow module, what our product can do and what the differences are between nHanced Workflow and Microsoft’s Workflow.



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