Dynamics NAV - Continia Document Capture

Full review of the Continia Document Capture

In this Knowledge Session, we will look at what Continia Document Capture is, how it works and what its key values are. We cover how to import purchase invoices, how to create vendor templates and how to match invoices with purchase orders. We also look at approval workflows and the nHanced options.

Continia Document Capture is the best and most comprehensive end-to-end add-on solution for Dynamics NAV that scans, extracts OCR data, registers, posts and archives all types of documents with full-text search capability. It will automate every step of daily document handling – from receiving and registering a document, to approval, posting and ultimately retrieving previously processed documents from the digital archive.

Watch the video to see how Continia can automate those tiresome manual processes in your business!



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