Dynamics NAV - Events and Extensions

This Knowledge Session delves into the main concepts around Events and Extensions in Dynamics NAV 2016. The first half covers Events, what they are capable of achieving for you in your Dynamics NAV system, but also what they can’t do. We look at Extensions in the second half of the webinar and how they can give you amazing modifications to your system but without altering any source code.

Events, more for the techies out there, enable you to modify NAV without altering the source objects. This means that NAV systems going forward, as we now see with Dynamics 365 Business Central, will be much easier to upgrade. Extensions are so powerful because you can install and remove them as easily as installing an app onto your mobile phone. It would give you as many customisations as you like, without altering the source objects. Both of these wonderful features make Dynamics NAV a lot more maintainable going forward.

For the technically inclined, this session delves into both of these excellent features. We discuss PowerShell, codeunits and other geeky features, while remaining quite high-level, so don’t miss this great Knowledge Session for your nerdy top-up for the day!

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