Dynamics NAV - Integrating e-commerce

In this Knowledge Session, we will take you through three options for integrating e-commerce with your Dynamics NAV or Dynamics 365 Business Central into one or more web stores. We firstly cover some potentially confusing terminology and then show you how the logic behind web services actually works between your system and the web store.

We walk you through a flowchart of options, asking you the questions necessary for determining the best solution for your business. We then take you through each of the solutions in turn and show you a demonstration of each. The first is nHanced eComm, followed by nHanced Customer Portals and then Sana Commerce. Each solution depends on multiple different options but we cover them off to walk you through a clear path to find a solution.

Watch our video to discover which option is the best for you when it comes to connecting your Dynamics NAV or Dynamics 365 Business Central solution to one or more web stores.

Learn three options for integrating eCommerce



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