Dynamics NAV - Jobs and Projects

Learn the basics of the Job Module and nHanced Project Costing functionality

This Knowledge Session covers the Jobs module and the nHanced Project Costing function. At the end of this Knowledge Session, you will have a basic overview of the Dynamics NAV Jobs module and a basic overview of The NAV | 365 People’s nHanced Project Costing functionality.

When we first begin looking at the Dynamics NAV Jobs module, we will cover the basic Job structure, how we plan for Jobs and activities and then how do we record actuals. We do this from the Project Manager role centre and show you how to configure jobs, create tasks, group those tasks and then plan complex jobs, before monitoring the projects.

For the nHanced Project Costing functionality, we will give you an overview of what the Project Costing module is capable of. It was built because many of our customers wanted to use projects as a way of measuring the costs against budgets, but in a lighter way than the standard NAV functionality allows for. Watch the video to see an in-depth demonstration of how that works and how it could help you.



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