Dynamics NAV - Purchasing

Learn the full capabilites of the Purchasing module

In this Knowledge Session, we will take you through the Purchasing Module in Dynamics NAV to help you fully understand the capabilities of the module and to make the optimum use of it in your business!

We'll firstly show you the definitions of the terminology we will be using, before proceeding onto the creation of vendors, items and purchasing documentation. Then we move on to how you can process Purchase Quotes, Orders and many other documents relevant to the purchasing module. We also cover the item ledger entries of our created test item and show you how the different sections of Dynamics NAV are all related and how they work together. This means payments, invoices, credit memos and the history of these transactions.

Then we move on to item variants, showing you how to create variations of a certain item, like colours of a t-shirt or sizes of a shoe. To finish off, there is controlling and traceability where we discuss purchase orders not received, purchase orders received and not invoiced and then reports on availability of inventory and inventory purchase orders.



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