Dynamics NAV - Reporting

Learn how to make reports in Dynamics NAV

In this Knowledge Session, we will run-through of the various ways you can get data out of Dynamics NAV and report on it easily. We will look at several different types of reporting in and around Dynamics NAV, some out of the box and some external applications.

Standard NAV reports are present out of the box, which means they require less effort first and foremost and they can cover all areas of NAV. As a reporting solution, Dynamics NAV reports are powerful and can be quite complex, but that does mean that changing them requires some development to be done.

As well as these out of the box reports, there are Word Report Layouts which allow modification within Microsoft Word and without the need of a developer. They are built on standard NAV reports but with the Microsoft Word layouts and therefore users can be trained pretty quickly as long as they know how to use Microsoft Word. Primarily we see these being used for document layouts, such as purchase orders, invoices and other documents you would send to a customer or vendor.

Watch our video to learn more, to see a demonstration of each of these and to see the other types of reporting available to you!




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