Dynamics NAV - Sales and CRM 101

In this Knowledge Session on Dynamics NAV’s standard CRM module, we will be concentrating on the marketing side of the module, discussing contacts, marketing campaigns, and sales opportunities. CRM in Dynamics NAV can also be used to include support incidents and complaints. After ticking those boxes, we will discuss how it links to Sales further into this Knowledge Session.

Dynamics NAV CRM comes into its own with the phone and tablet clients now available, giving salespeople the ability to access the information they needed while on the move. It contains contact information, profile questionnaires, marketing campaigns, segments and opportunities, amongst much more. We will be looking at these in more detail within this Knowledge Session.

Armed with such powerful tools in your CRM, we will finish our session by looking at the link within Dynamics NAV between your CRM module and Sales to utilise the seamless relationship between the two.

The marketing side of Dynamics NAV



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