Dynamics 365 Business Central - MobileNAV

Bringing efficiency to your warehouse

In this Knowledge Session, we will focus on MobileNAV, a MultiSoft product, and its use with Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central's warehouse management system (WMS). MobileNAV is designed to assist mobile workers in a warehouse environment, allowing them to scan, print, track, pick, put, classify and manage processes within the warehouse efficiently and without error. The application works seamlessly with your warehouse workflow and removes the need for endless printed documents, retaining all of the information on the handheld device. It can also work 100% on or off-line. 

MobileNAV is primarily for use on Android or iOS devices but it can be configured for Windows CE devices as well. The application makes use of the logic of Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central, basing the flow and actions on a pre-existing, successful ERP solution. It's also very easy to customise to suit any specific needs you may have. 

Here are some of our favourite functions:

  • Configurable function buttons
  • Sophisticated barcode reading
  • Realtime stock information 
  • Direct label printing
  • Improves efficiency and replaces paperwork

Read more about MobileNAV here.


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