Dynamics 365 Business Central - Create Warehouse Shipments

In this video, we will show you how to create the warehouse shipment document in Dynamics 365 Business Central, the action which is the driver for shipments out of the warehouse.


Learn how to create a warehouse shipment document to drive outbound shipments

This video assumes you have a fully managed warehouse, where ‘directed put-away and pick’ is ticked on the location card. As a pre-requisite for this video, you must have some outbound documents, whether that is a sales order, transfer order or a purchase return order. In our example we will be using a Sales Order.

A warehouse shipment can be created in one of two ways: directly from the outbound document or create a warehouse shipment and select the documents to include.

To create a warehouse shipment directly from the outbound document, use the search bar to navigate to your list of, for example, sales orders. Open the relevant sales order and go to the ‘Actions’ tab, then select Warehouse and the ‘Create Warehouse Shipment’ button. A pop-up will appear confirming that the warehouse shipment has been created. When you click ‘OK’, the warehouse shipment document will open automatically.

The other way of creating the shipment is by firstly creating an empty warehouse shipment and then selecting the documents to add. Firstly, we will navigate to the ‘Warehouse Shipments’ list and create a new one. Fill in the location code, then select actions, functions and ‘Get Source Documents’ from the ribbon. Then select the relevant source documents.

Having created warehouse shipments, the next stage in the process will be to create picks based on warehouse shipments. We have created another video detailing this process.

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