Dynamics NAV - Advanced Jet Reports

Following on from our incredibly popular Jet Reports 101 video, we have created an Advanced Jet Reports Knowledge Session to give you a more in-depth look at what Jet Reports is capable of. This video also looks at the updated Jet tools and what has been changed and improved since the last video.

The main body of the video looks at building an advanced report, adding accounting periods to it and formatting the report to make it visually suitable for your requirements. We also look at how to add filters for report viewers to use, so that you can hand the power to the viewer without them altering the main report or needing to have knowledge of Jet’s behind the scenes functionality. We then look at tidying the report and finally reporting on dimensions from within your Dynamics NAV system.

Watch our video to develop your Jet Reports skills and take them to the next level!

More in-depth look at what Jet Reports is capable of



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